Thanks for wondering. I’m a lifelong bookworm and editor for a small independent publisher, and I’d like for those who read books to know more about the publishing industry, and about some of the fantastic reads I’ve come across.

I have a wide range of interests both within literature and more generally, which you’ll see reflected in my posts. I’ve not had clothes in my bedroom since I started secondary school and the books began to take over – the header image of this blog is from the summer day when I decided to de-alphabetise and create a rainbow. One of my proudest achievements to date, despite a first-class degree, bilingualism and loving relationships with family, friends and cats.

Please get in touch if you ever have any thoughts that arise from my posts, or have any ideas of what I could write about! I believe the point of literature (and I mean that with no specific highbrow connotations) is to connect us as humans. So let’s do that thing.

I also love book recommendations, coming close to panic attacks at the thought of how overwhelming the world’s unread backlist is. I particularly enjoy literary fiction, SFF, historical fiction, graphic novels, politics & current affairs, history and sociology and biography relating to these areas – but I also enjoy being put outside my comfort zone. Anything goes!


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